Kamp Kennessee
is back.

Welcome to Kennessee

Fresh Air.

Bible Study.



Pin Dodge.

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Now is the time to plan your summer by attending Kamp Kennessee. Kamp will be for young people having completed the 4th - 12th grade.

Florida College Camps echo the purpose and goals of Florida College by providing summer recreation and fun with a biblical foundation. Offering a unique environment for personal godly development, and preparing campers for better service to their Creator and humanity.

In keeping with this mission, at Florida College camps you will find opportunities to be part of a team, small group Bible studies, singings, all kinds of crafts, sports, and activities to learn to work together. You will also find counselors who love kids and want to help them grow spiritually.

Come join the best week of the year!

Glimpses of Glory

“Glimpses of Glory” It is a study of Heaven (and Hell). When we talk about Heaven and use phrases like, “I can’t even imagine!” That may be true, but God communicated images and figures to us that He WANTS us to imagine.

If we can get even a glimpse of what He is trying to get across to us, we will be motivated to seek the true, lasting treasures of the next life, instead of the false trinkets of this one.

Dear Kampers,

We are so happy to be back! We missed you all dearly last year and are excited to see all of your smiling faces this summer! Thanks to all the amazing kampers, parents and staff for being a part of Kamp Kennessee so we can continue our summers together.

Wow. Yup.
We're back!


Cost & Registration

The cost to attend Kamp Kennessee is $300 per Kamper. Payment for the Kamp fee needs to be sent in at the time of registration in the form of cash, check or money order.

Kamp dates will be June 20 - June 25

Registration will be on Thursday, April 1. Registration documents will be linked here at the appropriate time.

What to Expect

The camp provides numerous physical activities with character building as the focus. Each day begins with a camp devotion and ends with cabin devotionals that are intended to emphasize the importance of christian values.

Activities include team building ,talent show, team competition hanging out with old friends, making new friends and just a whole lot of good clean fun rooted around a Biblical focus.


Each meal is catered by the fanstastic staff of Camp Garner Creek. Kampers are provided meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

In addition the snack stand will be open in-between meals for snacks, drinks and whatever else you might need! However, if you have special dietary needs, feel free to contact us

What to Bring?

Kamp Kennessee is a unique camp with standards that are different than other camps regarding morality and modesty. To uphold these values, we believe it is essential to establish some guidelines relative to what each kamper wears during the week of kamp. With this in mind, give consideration to the following link with the complete rules and regulations

Let's Have
Some Fun.

June 20-25
Camp Garner Creek, TN